Custom Mats


Mac's Frame Shop offers a wide variety of mat boards to chose from, including fabrics, metallics, rice paper, linen and more. We can also custom fabric wrap a mat for the perfect look. For mat cutting, our state-of-the-art mat board cutting machine provides precision and speed that is not possible by hand.


The Wizard CMC 9000 technology we use in-house offers advanced design options in mat cutting including pen drawings, debossed lines and three bevel options. With cut speeds of 20 inches per second, your complex designs can be programmed and executed in minutes. 



Types of Mat board:

  • 100% Rag (Museum Quality) mats are made from pure cotton and are lignin-free. Rag mats are the highest quality mats available.
  • Alpha-Cellulose mats are pure cellulose and lignin-free. They are also considered conservation quality and equivalent to Rag board.
  • Buffered Acid-Free mat boards have had most of the lignin or acid removed during manufacturing and a buffering agent added. Over time however the buffering agent will lose its efficiency. This is why these mats should not be used when conservation quality is required.
  • Paper mat boards contain lignin (wood pulp) and will eventually cause acid "burn" on the artwork making it discolored and brittle. Humidity will create this reaction and the acid then migrates into the artwork, leaving a brown mark along the edge of the mat.