Glazing: Picture Frame Glass


If it's worth framing, then it's worth protecting. Mac's Frame Shop provides several options for protecting your artwork ranging from traditional picture frame glass to museum glass for framing. We also perform picture frame glass replacement with the options provided below.





  • Regular Clear Glass is used in basic, everyday framing. It will protect your art from dust and other elements, but has no UV protection.
  • Conservation Clear Glass contains UV protection that blocks 99% of damaging ultra-violet light, but does not minimize glare.
  • Reflection Control Glass is ideal for minimizing glare and reflection when UV protection is not a concern.
  • Conservation Reflection Control enhances the beauty of your artwork with a matt-like finish that blocks 99% of the UV rays and protects your artwork from fading and deterioration.
  • Museum Glass is the best glazing option available, is virtually invisible and blocks 99% of UV light and allows less than 1% reflection. Museum glass is considered the standard in museums and fine art galleries.
  • Clear Acrylite is an acrylic sheet and a general all purpose glazing suitable for indoor framing when UV protection is not a concern.
  • Reflection Control Acrylite is designed to minimize reflection from almost any angle and is suitable when UV protection is not necessary.
  • Conservation Clear Acrylite with OP-3 UV filtering blocks 98% of UV light and allows 8% light reflection.
  • Conservation Reflection Acrylite with OP-3 UV filtering blocks 98% of UV light and minimizes the distortion of glare.